Tangle Removing Brush



Introducing the Salty Locks Extension Detangling Brush – the ultimate secret weapon in the world of hair extensions, the ultimate secret weapon of extension guru Boho Britt, the founder of Salty Locks.

A must-have tool for both hair extension stylists and clients alike, this brush is designed to transform your hair care routine into a seamless, tangle-free experience.


  • Length: 8.5"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Height of bristles: 1.00"

Key Features:

  1. Metal Teeth Magic: Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled hair extensions with our Extension Detangling Brush. Featuring metal teeth that effortlessly sweep through your hair extensions, this brush eliminates matting and tangles, ensuring a smooth and gentle detangling process.

  2. Versatile in Action: Take your hair care routine to the next level! Our brush is not just for dry hair – use it in the shower to detangle wet hair, massage your scalp during shampooing, and evenly distribute conditioner. It's perfect for those who wear hats for extended periods or anyone who appreciates the art of a good old-fashioned brushing.

  3. Extension-Friendly Design: With nine anti-static metal teeth rows, our unique design ensures a delicate touch. No need to worry about the brush sinking into the flexible rubber cushion or catching on extension attachments – it caters to all extension types. Crafted from entirely synthetic materials, it withstands the liquids involved in extension removal, making it durable and long-lasting.

  4. Effortless Extension Removal: Simplify the extension removal process with our brush. The drainage hole dispels water, adding flexibility for an easy removal process. Make detangling and extension removal a snap with Salty Locks!

Pro Tips for Healthy Hair:

  • Gentle Technique: Never force the brush through tangled hair. Create sections, gently loosen knots with your fingers, and use small soft brush strokes.

  • Section by Section: Brush your hair in sections, starting from the ends and working your way up. For highly tangled hair, create even smaller zones to work within.

  • Bottom-Up Approach: Once tangles are removed from the ends, work from the bottom up to the scalp for a seamless brushing experience.

Beyond Detangling:

Our versatile brush goes beyond detangling. Use it in the shower for shampooing, distributing conditioner, styling products, and even for beard care. Professional stylists love it for hair color melding, restructuring treatments, drying, and styling.



Extend the Life of Your Brush with Proper Care!

Introducing our Brush Care guide to ensure your Salty Locks Extension Detangling Brush stays in prime condition for longer. Taking care of your brush is as important as taking care of your hair – follow these simple steps for optimum performance and longevity.

In the Shower or with Wet Hair: If you're using the brush in the shower or on very wet hair, always expel excess water after use. Simply push on the pad to squeeze out water through the drainage hole. Once done, place the brush face down on a countertop to allow any remaining water to drain effortlessly.

With Hair Products (Mousses, Gels, Hair Sprays): Using your brush with styling products is great, but it's crucial to prevent buildup that could harm the rubber cushion. After each use with products, rinse the brush thoroughly. Shake it from side to side and squeeze the pad to remove any excess water through the drainage hole.

Drying Process: To preserve the integrity of your brush, ensure it dries properly. Lay it on a hard, flat surface with the teeth facing downwards. This prevents any residue from accumulating on the rubber pad, safeguarding it against bleaching or cracking and keeping the bristles rust-free.

Why Proper Care Matters:

  • Prolonged Lifespan: Following our care guide ensures your brush stays in excellent condition, offering longevity and continued performance.

  • Prevent Deterioration: Hair products and excess moisture can lead to premature rubber cushion deterioration. Our care tips help maintain the brush's quality over time.

  • Avoid Bleaching and Cracking: Correct drying prevents residue "pooling" on the rubber pad, safeguarding against bleaching and cracking. Preserve the aesthetics and functionality of your brush.