Host a Class In Your Salon 

Brittany and the Salty Locks Team would Love to come to your salon and teach a class!

You can Host a class with us in a few easy steps, read the steps below and email us today to get started. 


Extension Class Learning




 Ticket Information


-Class tickets are $1,200.00 per person

-To qualify as a Host Class Salon :

You must have at least 8 stylists sign up for a class in your salon. This allows for Brittany Harrington and her education team to travel to your salon to teach a 1-day hands on class.

-If you are with in a 3-hour driving distance from Evans, Georgia, not requiring air fare, only 6 stylists need to be signed up to qualify.

-To inquire about scheduling a class email: Amber at

Store phone 706-504-8352



What is Provided:


  1. Extension kit- our Salty Locks Custom kit and bag. Everything you need to do extensions. 
  1. Take-Home Mannequin head with practice hair samples.
  2. Instruction sheets- Brittany will be teaching both Wefts and Fusion techniques.  As well as graphics for price sheets and photos for marketing.
  3. Cutting Extensions- Learn the correct way to blend extensions to make them blend and look natural on your client. 
  1. Learn How to Color Match Correctly- Learn how to correctly color match clients for the best blend.
  2. SL Exclusive: You will learn how to IDENTIFY quality hair. Learn about, "Indian”, "Temple", "Brazilian" and "Chinese" hair.

Ever been asked by a client, "Where does the hair come from"? We will be explaining the behind-the-scenes process.

  1. We will be going over the business side of extensions. Now that you have this new skill, what is the best way to make money? Learn How to Charge for your new Services and give proper quotes to your clients. Receive a free quote Calculator on your phone. 
  2. Get a "Salty Certification"at the end of the class!
  3. We will be listing you as a Preferred Salty Locks Stylist.
  4. At the End of the Class you will get an exclusive class discount on hair. 
  5. Continued wholesale pricing from Salty Locks.


Setup Class

Email the Following info to

 Step 1. Email us your salon's exact address.

Step 2. Email us How many Stylists are interested in the class? We need at least 4 stylists to sign up, if you are within a 3-hour driving distance from Evans GA.

If your salon is further than this and air travel is required for the team, we need 6 Stylist to sign up for the class.


Step 3. We usually like to do the classes on a Sunday or Monday. The class needs to start at 9:30am and it goes to about 3pm, however, we stay till 5pm to continue to do one on one help. We don't leave until everyone feels confident. 


Step 4. After a day is confirmed for us to travel to your salon, we will create a Class ticket on our website just for your location. Anyone attending the class can easily logon and purchase their ticket.

*Tickets must be purchased ahead of the class. This is so we can make sure we have all kits and mannequin heads required. We will ship the mannequin heads to your salon ahead of our arrival.

To see examples of class tickets in the past here is a link:


Step 5. The Host salon is responsible for ordering in lunch for the class, during the lunch break we eat and go over the business pricing and Marketing side of extensions. 


Step 6. As the above Class information  explains- everyone gets a full extension kit, mannequin head etc. The Host Salon is responsible for providing 1 Live Model.

Live Model Info

We need to have photos of this model's hair prior to class so we can bring the correct color hair to install. Everyone has hands on training with the live model and their mannequin head. 

The live model will have her hair installed by Brittany and her education team.

Sometimes the Salon owner chooses herself to be the model, however, you will not be able to learn the techniques on this day.


We also like to have hair photos of the Stylists attending the Classes. 

We bring hair to match the class attendants and we sell it at the class for 40% off.


We will highly recommend that Stylists purchase hair for themselves and then they should install the hair on each other.

We recommend this is for 2 reasons; one is because Stylists need to practice, and the second reason is because you cannot sell what you don't have!

 We are Very excited to show you how profitable extensions can be!


Check out some photos & videos of past Classes we have hosted.




Class Talk  

Extension Class 1

Extension Class 2 

Extension Class 3 

 Extension Class 4


Extension Class 6 


Extension Class 7 

Extension Class 8