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In-Salon Extension Mastery with Brittany Harrington & Salty Locks Team



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Elevate Your Salon's Success: Book the Ultimate In-Salon Class with Brittany Harrington and the Salty Locks Team!

Welcome to a Transformational Learning Experience: Are you ready to revolutionize your salon's success and empower your stylists to become extension experts? Look no further than our exclusive In-Salon Class with the acclaimed Brittany Harrington and the Salty Locks Team. Embrace this unparalleled opportunity to elevate your salon's profitability and invest in the future of your talented stylists.

Why Choose the In-Salon Class:

  • World-Class Education at Your Doorstep: Bring the expertise of celebrity stylist Brittany Harrington and the renowned Salty Locks Team directly to your salon. Say goodbye to travel expenses and logistical challenges – we'll come to you, making learning more accessible than ever before.

  • Personalized Curriculum: Tailored to your salon's specific needs and goals, our In-Salon Class ensures a customized learning experience for every stylist. Whether you're a booth rental, commission-based, or hybrid salon, we're dedicated to teaching you the art of extensions with a budget-friendly approach.

  • Empower Your Team: Imagine the transformation when every stylist in your salon becomes proficient in hair extensions. Unlock new avenues of creativity and client satisfaction, boosting your salon's reputation and profitability.

  • Hands-On Training: Our In-Salon Class is not just about theory – it's about practice and implementation. Your stylists will dive into hands-on training, gaining the confidence and skillset needed to create stunning extension transformations.

  • Investing in Your Stylists' Future: We believe in nurturing talent and investing in your stylists' growth. By hosting the In-Salon Class, you're providing your team with a priceless opportunity to hone their craft and take their careers to new heights.

How to Book Your In-Salon Class:

  1. Fill out the information link on our website, and our team will be in touch with you to discuss your salon's specific needs and preferences.

  2. Link Here:
  3. Together, we'll work on a plan that fits your budget and schedule, ensuring a seamless and rewarding learning experience for your salon's stylists.

Transform Your Salon's Success: Don't miss this chance to elevate your salon's success and create a team of extension experts. The In-Salon Class with Brittany Harrington and the Salty Locks Team is your gateway to unlocking unlimited possibilities for your salon. Make the smart investment in your stylists' future and witness the transformation of your salon into a thriving hub of extension expertise.

Get ready to take your salon to new heights – book your In-Salon Class today and watch your team flourish with the artistry and elegance of hair extensions