22" inch 100g Machine Volume Weft Hair Extensions

Ships August 20, 2024


Premium 22" Machine Weft Hair Extensions—Double Drawn, Remy Grade A, Sunscreen-Proof

🧜‍♀️ Specifications:

  • 22" inches long
  • Cut anywhere along the 36” inch spine
  • Machine wefts do not unravel
  • 100-gram weight
  • Great for adding volume & length
  • No silicone, hair will not turn pink due to sunscreen
  • Grade-A, Remy Cuticle, Double Drawn

Experience the Benefits of Our Machine Volume Wefts:

  1. Unlimited Color Possibilities: The 100gbundles allow you to create a truly customized and unique color blend for your clients. Mix and match shades to achieve the perfect match that seamlessly merges with their natural hair.

  2. Premium Human Remy Grade A Hair: We take pride in delivering the highest quality hair to ensure your client's satisfaction. Our Slavic donated hair, with its natural texture, is double-drawn for consistent thickness and unparalleled softness.

  3. Sunscreen-Proof Wonder: No more worries about color changing due to sunscreen application. Our extensions do not turn pink from sunscreen, keeping the vibrant hues intact and ensuring long-lasting beauty. Protect your investment.

  4. Easily Customizable: Achieve a perfect fit for your clients' heads with ease. Our machine wefts can be cut and tailored to their unique head shape, providing a comfortable and flawless experience.

  5. Double Drawn Hair Extensions: Ever wondered what sets exceptional hair extensions apart from the rest? Double drawn hair is a concept that embodies unparalleled quality and a commitment to perfection. Unlike single-drawn hair, which may contain varying lengths and thinner ends, double-drawn extensions undergo a meticulous process where shorter strands are manually removed. This results in hair that's uniformly thick from top to bottom, offering a look of opulent fullness.

  6. Ideal for Professional Stylists: Designed exclusively for professional hair stylists, our Machine Volume Wefts empower you to create masterful hairstyles and offer your clients an unforgettable hair extension experience.

  7. Suggested Quantity: The average stylist will use 60–120 grams per client. If you want a full head like Brielle Biermann, we suggest using between 350-400 grams, or 5 to 6 packs.

Perfect for Professional Stylists, Ideal for Every Client:

Our Machine Volume Wefts are carefully curated for hair stylists who demand excellence. With the freedom to mix colors and the assurance of premium quality Slavic hair, these wefts are perfect for clients seeking a true custom blend and a natural look. Whether your clients desire voluminous locks or dream of longer hair, these wefts are the answer to their hair transformation wishes.

How to Use Our Machine Volume Wefts:

  1. Color Consultation: Begin with a color consultation to understand your client's preferences and ensure the ideal color blend using our mix-and-match bundles.
  2. Customization: Tailor the wefts to fit your clients' head shapes perfectly. The ability to cut the wefts ensures a seamless and comfortable application.
  3. Application: Utilize your preferred extension method, using 60–160 grams per client for the desired length and volume, and watch as your clients' hair is instantly transformed.
  4. Styling Brilliance: Embrace your creativity and style the extensions just like natural hair. Your clients will be amazed by the versatile looks you can achieve.