Regular Tape in- 30" Inch


welcome to the world of premium tape-in hair Extensions - the key to flawless length and volume transformations. Our extensions are carefully crafted to meet the highest standards, featuring double drawn, human hair, and a range of exceptional features for an unrivaled hair experience.


  • Double Drawn Luxury: Embrace thick, uniform strands that exude natural beauty, giving your clients the stunning look they desire.
  • Sunscreen-Proof Wonder: No more worries about pink hair mishaps; our extensions are specially treated to resist sunscreen-induced discoloration.
  • Remy Grade A Perfection: Enjoy tangle-free, long-lasting hair extensions, where cuticles remain intact for easy maintenance.
  • Secure Polyurethane-Based Glue: Our thermally solid polyurethane-based glue ensures reliable bonding for a lasting, seamless fit.
  • Versatile Reusability: Move up extensions every 4 weeks with ease, and reuse them with our Salty Locks Re-Tabs, offering longevity and value.

Intended for: Exclusively designed for professional hair stylists, our Tape-In Hair Extensions empower you to create stunning transformations for your clients. Whether it's adding length or enhancing volume, this product is a game-changer for any stylist seeking excellence.

How to Use:

  1. Section your client's hair and apply the Tape-In Extensions using our reliable polyurethane-based glue for a secure bond.
  2. Strategically place each 22-inch extension to achieve the desired volume and length.
  3. Advise clients on proper care and maintenance for months of gorgeous hair.
  4. For removal, use our Salty Locks Remover Spray to ensure a gentle and hassle-free process.
  5. Impress your clients by reusing the tape-ins with our Salty Locks Re-Tabs and unleashing the full potential of these expertly crafted extensions.

Elevate your salon's offerings with our premium tape-in Hair extensions. Add length and volume effortlessly, and witness your clients' confidence soar with every breathtaking look. Order now for a hair transformation experience like no other!