22" Inch 100g Salty Tied Weft

Ships August 22, 2024



  • Length: 22 inches
  • Spine Width: 55 inches
  • Cut Options: Cut anywhere along the spine
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • No Return Hair: No beard or mustache
  • Design: Slim design lays flat for multi-layering options
  • Grade: A, Remy Cuticle, Double drawn

✨ Discover Genius Weft: The Perfect Fusion of Lightweight Comfort and Customizable Volume

Say hello to a new era of hair extensions with our Genius Weft – a revolutionary blend of thin-as-air hand-tied elegance and the cutting-edge versatility of volume machine wefts. Experience the ultimate in comfort, customization, and convenience as you elevate your styling game to new heights.

🌿 Thin as Hand-Tied, Cut-Like Volume Weft

Embrace the feather-light sensation of hand-tied extensions without compromising on their ability to create volume. Genius Wefts redefine the boundaries, allowing you to cut and customize just like volume machine wefts. Enjoy the best of both worlds in a single, innovative solution.

💇 Effortless Application, Zero Unraveling

Bid farewell to the struggles of handling return hair and the itchiness associated with traditional wefts. Genius Wefts have been expertly crafted to stack up to 6–8 wefts on one row, providing you with the volume you've always dreamed of. Plus, rest assured that these wefts do not unravel, ensuring a seamless, itch-free experience.

🌟 Luxurious Quality, Every Strand

Indulge in the opulence of 100% Remy European human hair. Our Genius Wefts are a testament to enduring quality, ensuring a luxurious touch that speaks volumes. With these extensions, you're not just enhancing your hair; you're embracing a statement of sophistication and excellence.

🛍️ Tailor-Made Options for Your Needs

Achieving a full-head application has never been this easy. Purchase 2-4 half-packs to mix and match shades or lengths, ensuring you get exactly what you need for a personalized, head-turning transformation. Genius Wefts are designed for professional use, renowned for their cashmere softness, durability, and effortless installation.

🌈 Why Choose Genius Weft?

  • Revolutionary Technology: Our Genius Weft is a game-changer in the world of extensions, blending the best features of hand-tied and volume wefts for a unique, unparalleled experience.
  • Comfort Beyond Compare: Revel in the lightweight comfort of thin hand-tied extensions without sacrificing the customizable volume you desire.
  • Luxurious European quality: Crafted with care and precision, our wefts guarantee not just a change in appearance but a transformation in the way you experience hair extensions.

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