Salty Locks Hair Extensions Shopping Guide

Our celebrity stylist founder, Boho Britt gets so many questions about how to choose the best extensions for her clients, so today we are breaking down the differences between Tape-In, Wefts and Fusion Hair Extensions to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.

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Salty Locks Hair Extensions Buyers Guide 2021



Weft Extensions

You’ll love Wefts if you…

  • Are looking for lots of hair coverage

  • Want to be to customize your hair shape and look

  • Like to pull up your hair often

Salty Locks Wefts Extensions

Wefts are a wonderful option if you’re looking for lots of coverage and the ability to customize and cut your hair without unraveling your extensions.

Wefts give clients a lot of coverage making it a good method for people with fine hair. You can still wear your hair up in a ponytail and no beads show, making it easy to hide the extensions!

There are two types of Wefts: machine-sewn and hand-tied

Machine-sewn wefts are created by tying the hair onto a single string and running it through a sewing machine to double secure the hair. These types of Wefts can be cut and the hair will not unravel.

Hand-tied Wefts are created by tying individual hairs to a single string and then tying it off on the ends. This type of waft cannot be cut, since the hair will unravel.

Salty Locks carries machine-sewn wefts. We prefer machine-sewn because we can cut the weft to each client’s specific head shape and diameter. It gives the client a lot of coverage and we have found that we do not have to double up the rows with multiple wefts like you do with the hand-tied wefts.

The potential issue with wefts can sometimes be if stylists do not layer the hair correctly during the haircut, creating very blunt, wig-like results. For this reason, one of the most important parts of Brittany’s Salty Locks classes is to teach stylists how to properly cut weft extensions.


Wefts of both types have to be taken out and reapplied every 6 to 8 weeks. There is no sticky residue and there are fewer points of contact with the clients’ actual hair. Clients can also reuse the wefts for about six months before needing to buy new hair.

Fun fact: Hand-tied wefts are very popular on the West Coast and Midwest, while machine-sewn are the most popular in the South!

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Fusion Extensions

You’ll love Fusions if you…

  • Are looking for lots of color dimension

  • Need an extension that gives great versatility

  • Love to pull up your hair often


Fusion Extensions offer the most versatility. They’re made up of individual pieces and offer clients the option to get multiple dimensions of their extensions color! Highlights can be placed individually and won’t grow out for 90 days. You’ll be able to pull your hair up in a ponytail and easily hide the bonds!

Quick Tip: We recommend that clients with blonde hair and dark roots purchase the rooted extensions because the bond will match their root color.

Not all fusion extensions are alike. Salty Locks fusion extensions are made with a soft Italian keratin bond that forms a hollow cylinder around the client’s hair. It’s important to make sure that your stylist knows the proper way to apply these extensions, but if applied correctly they can give incredible results! At Salty Locks, we specialize in fusions and recommend a mix of wefts and fusion extensions to the majority of our clientele.

Fun Fact: We see this method used a lot in Europe and with stylists who have trained for years to learn it in the United States.

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Tape-In Extensions 

You’ll love Tape-Ins if you…

  • Are looking for quick, beautiful results

  • Live in a cold or temperature-controlled environment

  • Want to reuse your hair for a long time

Salty Locks Tape-In Extensions

If you’re looking for quick, beautiful results, Tape-In Extensions might be a great fit for you! They’re simple for the stylist to apply and easy for the client to maintain. A great benefit to tape-ins is that you can reuse your extensions for about six months!


Some things to keep in mind with Tape-Ins are that they do require maintenance every four weeks, so expect to be visiting your salon often. After around four weeks, the extensions may become more visible, making it harder to wear pulled back styles (like a ponytail). In order to reapply the hair, your stylist will need to clean out the extensions, wash and blow out your natural hair, and then reapply the extensions with a new piece of tape. All of this can make for a longer appointment time.

It’s also important to consider your lifestyle when shopping for Tape-In Extensions. We do not recommend these for people who are routinely active, since they are harder to pull up into a ponytail. For the same reason, Tape-Ins might not be great for you if you live in a hotter climate. Lots of sweat and moisture can potentially loosen the tape’s hold in your hair, which can cause problems.

Get The Look

Salty Locks carries invisible Tape-Ins.  This type of Tape-In is where individual hairs have been placed into the tape’s seam, making the hair look more realistic at the bond and easier to hide. A stylist can also apply this tape higher up and near the clients natural part, making for a more seamless blend!

Fun fact: Tape-Ins are the most popular extension method in the Northeastern US and in California!

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