22" Inch 1gr Fusion- K tip


SKU: FUS-22-1G-60C

🧜‍♀️ Specifications:

- 22" inches long 

- Each strand is 1 gram in weight. Other Brands are .7g or .8 grams.

- Made from Italian Keratin which is superior to other brands polymer glue bonds.

- Easy to micro the bonds

- Great for Adding Volume & Length

- No Silicone, hair will not turn pink due to sunscreen

 - 100% Human Grade- A, Remy Cuticle

- Hair can be custom colored.


 Fusion Keratin Tip Premium Hair Extensions:

Are you ready to experience hair transformation like never before? Look no further than our exceptional Fusion Keratin Tip Hair Extensions – where beauty meets innovation, and your hair dreams become a stunning reality. Crafted to perfection, these 22-inch long extensions embody the essence of luxury, ensuring you radiate confidence and allure with every strand.


Unveiling the Features that Set Our Fusion Keratin Tips Apart:

1. Luxurious Length and Grade A Quality: Indulge in the opulent allure of 18-inch long hair extensions, made from human Remy grade A hair. Embrace the softness and natural movement that seamlessly blend with your own locks.

2. Double-Drawn Excellence: Elevate your hair game with double-drawn extensions, where each strand is carefully sorted to ensure consistent fullness from top to bottom. Embrace the voluminous look you've always desired.

3. Sunscreen-Proof Wonder: Bid farewell to worries about your hair turning pink from sunscreen exposure. Our Fusion Keratin Tips are expertly treated to resist sunscreen, maintaining their vibrant color even under the sunniest skies.

4. The Power of 1-Gram Strands: We believe in offering you more than just hair – it's a commitment to excellence. Our Fusion Keratin Tips come in 1-gram strands, setting us apart from the competition that often offers .7 or .8-gram strands. It's a difference you can see, feel, and flaunt.

5. Italian Soft Keratin Bond: Experience the epitome of hair care with our Fusion Keratin Tips. Unlike other brands that use polymer glue bonds, ours is crafted from genuine soft Italian keratin. Say goodbye to damage and embrace a bond that's gentle, yet remarkably effective.

6. Pieces per pack: 25 strands 1 gram a piece. Easily cut strands to make Micro bonds.

7. Suggested Quantity: Recommended number of packages varies greatly per individual. For shorter natural hair – think pixie cut, you will need about 14 packs or more. For shoulder length hair, we recommend around 6 packs. For clients with hair passing their shoulders, we suggest 4-6 packs. Of course, each client’s desired outcome is different and should be taken into consideration to achieve the desired look.