If you order hair that is a little too light or needs more highlights than you thought, don't worry YOU CAN COLOR THIS HAIR.


Below is a Quick Reference guide to the colors and methods Available.


Color chart page 1

Color chart page 2

Please print and keep in your salon!

Discover the Salty Locks®️ Difference: Designed with You in Mind!

At Salty Locks®, we pride ourselves on being unlike any other brand you've used before. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on meeting both the stylist's and client's needs, making your hair extension journey an exceptional one.

Amber and Brittany, the minds behind Salty Locks®, have had extensive experience with various big brand extension lines in their salon. They meticulously analyzed the pros and cons of each line to curate a collection that embodies the best of all worlds - thus, Salty Locks was born.

Gone are the days of ordering wefts from one company, fusions from another, and tapes from yet another source. With Salty Locks®, we've consolidated everything into one convenient place for your ease and convenience.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

🌟 Our Weft extensions come in 22" inch 60-gram packs instead of the standard 120-gram packs. This cost-effective approach empowers stylists to skillfully Mix Colors, achieving stunning, multidimensional looks that feel natural and dynamic.

🌟 For Fusion extensions, we offer 22" inch 1-gram strand packs. Unlike the traditional .7-gram strands, our 1-gram strands can easily be micro-cut in half, giving you the flexibility to customize and create seamless blends.


Easy to Color or Tone:

🌈 Salty Locks®️ hair is of the highest quality, meticulously sourced, and free from silicone coatings. This means you can easily color or tone the extensions to achieve a flawless match with your client's hair. No more worries about ordering the wrong shade - with Salty Locks®, you have the power to make the perfect match!

We are committed to providing you with superior-quality hair extensions that not only elevate your stylistic creations but also streamline your workflow and boost client satisfaction. Experience the Salty Locks®️ difference today and unlock a world of possibilities!


If you order hair that is a little too light or needs more highlights than you thought, don't worry YOU CAN COLOR THIS HAIR.