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Color Chart

One of the ways that Salty Locks®️ is different than other brands you have used, is that it was designed with the Stylist and client's needs in mind.


Amber and Brittany have used every big brand extension line in their salon, they examined the pros and the cons from each line to create Salty Locks.


After years of ordering wefts from this company, fusions from this company and tapes from some where else, they finally put it all into one place.  


Cost effective:
--> We carry most of our Weft colors in 22" inch 60 gram packs instead of the traditional 120 gram packs.
We do this because we want Stylists to be able to cost effectively Mix Colors instead of spending all funds on just one solid color that will make the end result look more like a wig.
--> We also carry most of our colors in Fusion in the 22" inch 1 -gram strand packs. Traditionally, Fusions are sold as .7- grams a strand.
Our 1-gram strands are super easy to micro by cutting them in half.
--> Easy to color or tone. Salty Locks hair is a high quality sourced hair, therefore, the factory does not need to process it with a silicone layer after coloring it. This makes Salty Locks extensions very easy to perfectly color match in the clients hair. If you order hair that is a little too light or needs more highlights than you thought, don't worry YOU CAN COLOR THIS HAIR.

Below is a Quick Reference guide to the colors and methods Available.

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Please print this out and keep in your salon!