Britt x Haley B- November 13th & 14th - Extensions & Lived-In Color Class 2 Days




November 13th & 14th | 2022



Southern Roots Salon

1919 Gunbarrel Road


Chattanooga, TN 37421


  • Are you wanting to take your business to the next level and start positioning yourself as a go-to color and extension expert? 
  • Are you a seasoned stylist ready to create more income and work smarter not harder in your business?
  • Are you realizing your skills are starting to feel stagnant and you are craving more education, inspiration, and skills to take your craft next level?
  • Do you see all these influential stylists online mastering color, increasing prices, and becoming more of a luxury brand and you just don’t know where to start?
  • Are you ready to make more money in a shorter amount of time?
  • Do you want a business that presents itself to be more LUXURY?

This class is for YOU! 

Welcome to the world of Hair Extension and Lived-In Color Education, led by top industry experts, Haley X Britt! ! Learn their top methods to uplevel your extension and color education and grow your business to the next level, creating true time and financial freedom in your life! 

This is a 2-Day Class! Yesss you read that correctly, 2 days with 2 experts! 

Spend the first day with Haley on October 2nd

Class Start time is 11am to 3pm.

Mastering your color skills with this Lived-in Color Class! Haley will be teaching her signature color techniques that have made her one of the fastest-growing influential stylists in the industry. She will focus on purposeful placement to help you save time, do less better, and elevate your color skills to stand out as a colorist! 

Spent the second day with Britt, October 3rd

Class Start time is 10am to 3pm.

Learning everything you need to know about Hair Extensions and the power of combining different methods to customize hair extensions for each client. You will not only learn the best methods, advanced color blending techniques to perfect clients color, but also how to attract the right clients and promote yourself online to build to a next level business in this industry. You have seen this celebrity stylist create magic with hair online, now its your turn to experience it live in person!  BONUS! At the end of this class you will receive an exclusive discount on Salty Locks Hair to purchase so you can go home and build the hair extension business you have been dreaming of! 



Haley is one of the most sought-after in-demand Stylists, located in the heart of Nashville! Clients travel from all over the country to get their color done because of her signature lived-in color technique which has helped her grow wildly fast in this industry and make her a top industry leader!  She is known for her 1:1 experience she creates for each client that is memorable, unique, and above and beyond. Education has always been a passion of Haley’s and with her influence online growing fast, it was only a matter of time before she stepped into the industry as an Educator. She loves being a part of a Stylists journey in their career, helping pay forward everything she has learned and experienced over the years! Her work speaks for itself! Make to follow her on IG @haley_buchanan_dean


From reality to runway and everything in between, Atlanta-born celebrity stylist, Brittany Harrington is the most sought-after fusion extension stylist in North America. Her proprietary technique has her touted as the fastest fusion artist, along with her signature custom color combinations and beachy textured mermaid style. It’s the reason her salon has the hair world buzzing and celebrity clients calling. Brittany’s artistry is rooted in her free-spirit, authenticity and high-vibe leadership derived from her extensive training, hard work and experience leading to the Salty Locks SistersTM launch of the most innovative premium hair extensions on the market today, Salty Locks! Make sure to follow her on Ig @bohobritt and @saltylockshairext